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by theredfernsociety on December 11, 2013

A landmark heritage warehouse at 52-54 Pitt Street, Redfern is about to be gutted and views to it lost. The unique streetscape will be destroyed. In its place will be an apartment block with aluminium cladding.

After much work, the Redfern Society successfully persuaded Council to refuse this DA in March 2011. Unfortunately, the refusal has been appealed and the heritage of Pitt Street is not yet safe.

Please sign our petition to tell Sydney Council to vote NO to this outrageous development application.

Redfern is a vibrant, beautiful and unique suburb. Let’s fight to keep it that way!
An artist’s impression of the Redfern Society’s goals for the Pitt Street space

The Redfern Society and Community aim to preserve the unique streetscape, with its rich history, heritage and beauty, of one of the first named streets in Sydney, Pitt Street.
Artist’s impression by John Hycraft.   Green space and  vertical garden in the existing forecourt ofthe  Heritage Building, the Old Winery, which once housed the first winery in Australia, Leo Buring & Co.

Sign the petition calling on Council to stop overdevelopment of Pitt Street

Click on the link below to access our suggested letter to the Lord Mayor and Sydney Council, along with contact details of the Council:


Media coverage and community involvement

by theredfernsociety on December 11, 2013

“Heritage triumphs in Redfern battle” via SMH – includes video

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A word from Barry Humphries on the proposed development at Pitt St

I am proud to remind SMH readers that I, along with a small group of fuddy duddies and Enemies of Progress plus Mayor Macdermott, made conservation history in the early seventies by saving the QVB. They were screaming to tear it down and build a car park, and this newspaper would do well to check out the files and “out” them all.
Meanwhile I have remained silent during the incremental vandalizing of Sydney, but wish to once more raise my voice in defence of Redfern. No, its not the Rocks, or Paddo, or Hunters Hill, but one of the original established neighbourhoods on the edge of Sydney which venal developers and “approachable” local authorities have been quietly wrecking for years.
The most important and the most original residential strip in Redfern is Pitt Street which has miraculously survived the governments’ rape and pillage. It’s “heritage significant”, and contains, amongst other treasures, an amazing row of completely intact Georgian terraces – last remaining of their type in Sydney, and recognised by the National Trust. Colonial Dr. Redfern’s mansion at the far end of Pitt Street was demolished by the State Govt. in the nineteen fifties.
Now, a pursuasive Greek developer from Mosman has planned a fake terrace fronting a monstrous desecration of a contributing heritage item into units with a strong oriental appeal for beleagured Pitt Street.
This can’t happen! I urge the Government to step in and save what is left of nineteenth century Sydney Heritage.
Sincerely, Barry Humphries

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