How to Protect Amenity Heritage and Lifestyle

by theredfernsociety on February 1, 2011

This is your and our community and it is in our interest to have a say in what happens to it. We know everyone has busy lives but unfortunately, this (letter writing to City of City planners and councillors) is the most effective means available to us to object to these plans, and unless we all take the time to voice our concerns, the DAs will be approved and our lives will be significantly impacted. There is a two-step process that has been successful in the past…

Write individual objections on each of the separate DA’s to Council. Let the Councillors know how you feel!

  • 24 Pitt Street DA 2010/2180 Objections due: DATE 01 Feb 2011
  • 26 Pitt Street DA 2010/2181 Objections due: DATE 01 Feb 2011
  • 52-54 Pitt Street DA 2010/2095 Objections due: DATE 09 Feb 2011

Councillor contact list.

In your objections you should state in your own words how you feel about the developments and why you believe the developments should be rejected. Add some of the issues from the reports available on this website from a Legal, Heritage and Planning standpoint.

Professional advice has been obtained from planning professionals to draft and lodge on the residents behalf a professional and well articulated response which would be in the best interests of all the residents. The complete list of points will be completed soon. To that end when you are providing your written objections to the development of 24 & 26 Pitt Street and/or to 52 – 54 Pitt Street it would be relevant to mention, amongst other things, the following:

a) The developments are not sensitive to Heritage;

b)The developments will adversely impact on your amenities (i.e. parking, noise privacy etc);, traffic (foot, car, bike, motorbike) and rubbish.

c)The developments will significantly increase congestion to the area (i.e. increase residential density, decrease standard of living from a Amenity point of view.

d)these D.A.s propose gross over development and not appropriate in a Heritage Overlay Area.

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